MEETING RIGA – short documentary

A short documentary we did for SENSUS / Networking Europe.

MEETING RIGA,17min, 2014
Produced by Apricot Stone
Director Emil Mkrttchian
D.o.P Gabriel Mkrttchian

In March 2012, started the ESF-funded project Networking Europe its efforts to increase knowledge exchange and cooperation between countries, organizations and projects with a focus on the Baltic region. The project had 4 different networks created around the areas the EU Commission prioritizes.

Entrepreneurship and social innovation
Employment and labor mobility
Combating poverty and social exclusion
Stockholm Roma Net-Roma inclusion

In April 2014, there was a journey to Riga, Latvia. The aim was to document various study visits and highlight the importance of transnational cooperation.


RIGA still
Gab RigaDrinks in Riga