Let´s do 2012!

Apricot Stone is back online and blogging.
Follow the making of our first feature film, ROS, from pre-production, through shooting and all the way to the red carpet premiere!
Here you can read about how the production company, Apricot Stone, grows and develops and get an exclusive look behind the scenes of the crazy bad-ass filmshoot that is coming up. ROS is taking us far beyond the swedish borders all the way to Iceland, St.Petersburg and last but not least Armenia! We also continue our shooting in the beautiful archipelago of Sweden, Gotland.
This has happened in January:
* Development of the script and storyboards / reference images
* Plan for shooting in spring 2012
* Meeting with the set designer Liv Ask about studio construction
* Financing plan
Filmmaking is a chance to live many lifetimes.
Peace out!
ROS – Teaser