Apricot Stone is our sole platform which helps us realize the dreams we have. The company was founded in 2011 by the Mkrttchian brothers and has created highly successful results since then.


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We produce moving content for cross-platform experiences, such as, Cinema, Television and Web. We also own one of the industry’s best camera – Arri Alexa and it’s of course available for rent.

1985 – 1988

Emil and Gabriel’s background started in Charentsavan, in Armenia where they were born.
The brothers soon discovered the cinemas and the magic behind the lights and moving images.
They especially liked Rambo.


Tetev Monastary

1991 – 1993

When Armenia won its independence from the Soviet Union, Mkrttchian family moved to Mora in Sweden with the hope to start a new life.

2001 – 2004

When the family bought their first film-camera Emil and Gabriel directly started experimenting. This led to a series of events.
The first short films was made early on, these was shown on festivals and got the prize for best movie and the audience choice award.



2005 – 2009

This in turn led to the both brothers starting to study in different film schools around Sweden, Stockholm Film School, Stockholm University, Fridhems Filmstudies, Dramatic Institute and Script Pilots or “Manuspiloterna” as they say in Swedish.
While studying, their movies get recognition around the world and wins prices and awards.


The Swedish Government acknowledges the genocide of the Armenian people made by “The Young Turks” in 1915-1918.


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2011 – 2013

Apricot Stone is founded and even more movies is produced and shown around the world.
After eighteen years, Emil and Gabriel arrive in Armenia to participate at the Golden Apricot International Film Festival and they win prizes and gets recognition.



Feature Film projects is created in both Sweden and Armenia. The Television Series – Joy is broadcasted on the Swedish Channel SVT-Barnkanalen.
The Cinemagiker prize is handed out for the second year on the Swedish Short Film Festival.





Inspelningsstart för långfilmen ”Siv sover vilse”.
Utökning av filmutrustning som finns att hyra.